July 29th

Speed Work Coaching Points: This type of training is done at speeds beyond the body’s normal capabilities, it is important to have a sound mechanical foundation in order in to attain maximal effectiveness and prevent injury. Partner each athlete up, one partner holds the resistance, while the other partner is working.

  • Resisted Sprints 3x 20sec 
  • Resisted High knees 3x 20sec
  • Resisted Side Shuffle 4x 20sec

-2 min Rest-

Strength Workout

BB bent over row- 4×6 (heavy)

DB over head press- 3×8

DB curl- 4×10 (heavy)

Shoulder sequence- 3×10 front raise, side raise, reverse fly

#DB pullover- 4×6 (heavy)

#Push up- 4xfailure

     Core Work 


-Hanging Knee Raises (hands hold pull up bars, bring knees to chest)

-MB Sit Ups (bear hug MB)

-Gas Pedals (On ground)


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