July 22nd

July 22nd

Warm Up: 10 mins

Phase 1 – Hip Mobility and Muscle Activation: (Partners, One partner jogs the whole time their partner is working)

  • Over Overs x 5 Each Leg / Jog Down and Back
  • Arm Circles x 25 Small Swings Fwd / Bkwd, x15 Big Swings Fwd / Bkwd / Jog Down and Back
  • Ankle Rotations x 10 Each Way on Each Foot / Calf Walk with Ankle Flexion 10 yards /jog down and back

Phase 2 – Dynamic Warm Up:

  • Single leg Floor Touch  every three steps / Backwards Skip Back
  • Step over/Princess walk  Alt. Fwd and Bkwd / A-Skip Back
  • Superman every three steps / Groin Skips Back
  • Monster walk / Backwards Reach and Run

4 rounds

Tempo 2/0/2

Goblet Squat *15 reps

Jumping Lunges *30 reps

-2min Rest-


4 rounds

Farmer Carry 100m

sled push 200m

sprint 300m


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