July 21st

July 21th

Warm Up: 12-15 mins

Phase 1 – Dynamic Stretch to Active Movements Every 3rd step (Down with one exercise, and coach will call next exercise coming Back)

  • Knee Pull 25yd
  • Quad Pull 25yd
  • Crossover Walk 25yd
  • High Kicks 25yd
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Spider crawl Walk 25yds

Phase 2 – Movement Warm Up: (Down and Back) 25yd Run

All Reps on Coaches Command/Whistle

  • Side Shuffle to Static Squat (Hold) 20sec, 10 Jumping Jacks
  • High Knees, 50% Sprint Out
  • Butt Kicks, 60% Sprint Out
  •  Karaoke
  • Hop Scotch , 70% Sprint Out


Push press 40 reps

Wall-ball 48 reps 

BB Rollouts 40 reps

KB swing 48 reps 

 KB high pull 32 


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